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Suit Saver
Extends the life of swimwear

Do you want your new bathers to last longer and be odour free of chlorine?

Fact - Chlorine a very harsh chemical is used in 1000`s of pools, tubs and hotspas to purify water and kill nasty germs and bacteria.

Fact Chlorine kills the germs but also destroys the fibres in lycra - the most common fabric used in the manufacture of swimwear. This is the reason why colours fade and garments lose their elasticity.

Our Guarantee - Suit Saver will remove 99.9% of the chlorine content and odour. If for any reason you are dissatisfied a full refund will be issued.

Suit Saver is an anti-oxidant that binds the residual chlorine and bromine left in the swimwear after swimming so fabric bonds stay in-tact, thus retaining elasticity and colour brightness.

Suit Saver is environmentally safe, water based and contains antioxidants and sulfites to bind chlorine. It contains no detergents, phosphates, nitrates, dyes or perfumes.

Suit Saver is a concentrate and can be used for approximately 50 washes.

Easy to use - one squirt in bowl of clean water, immerse the swimsuit that you have just swum in, rinse and hang to dry in the shade.